Thursday, January 7, 2016

BarnwoodUSA 4 Ft Rustic Reclaimed Barn, Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Blanket Ladder in my opinion

The couple of days ago. I'm looking for information on the BarnwoodUSA 4 Ft Rustic Reclaimed Barn Wood Decorative Ladder, so i would like to describe here.

This indoor scale far exceeds my expectations. It came quickly and is made of reclaimed wood more cool. It is assembled, so no need to worry about that. My rugs have a fancy place to hang out time vs thrown on the couch!

BarnwoodUSA 4 Ft Rustic Reclaimed Barn

The decroative ladder is made from 100% up-cycled reclaimed wood, hand made right here in the USA. Individually handcrafted, each ladder is one of a kind. The nature made weathered finish will vary and random nail holes add personality. There are 5 rungs with a space of 7" high and 12" wide between each rung. Add illuminations, wreath or foliage or use the rungs as shelves to .... Read more or Check Price


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